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Omron M6 Comfort Memory for two users, 2014, Bi-link

The New OMRON M6 range incorporates the most advanced OMRON sensors and indicators to ensure accurate, reliable blood pressure readings. The Intelli Wrap Cuff ( 22-42cm) fits almost all adult arm sizes.

This fully automatic blood pressure device provides the most comprehensive way to check for hypertension.
Dual check system providing measurement quality confirmation.
Comfort cuff enabling easy and comfortable measurement.
Cuff wrapping guide on LCD screen ensuring accurate results.
with irregular heart beat detection, large easy to read display and simple one button operation.

Fully automatic upper arm blood pressure monitor



    Intellisense:  Intellisense technology always assures you customized accurate and comfortable blood pressure measurement


    Dual check system: confirmation by second sensor that device is accurate


    Comfort cuff: easy wrapping and comfortable pressure


    Cuff wrapping guide: overcome a common error in blood pressure monitoring.  Guide indicates that the cuff is wrapped correctly to ensure accurate results

  • Hypertension indicator bar: easy identification that results are within the recommended guidelines

  • Irregular heartbeat detection

  • Body movement detection

  • Memory capacity for 90 readings

  • Advanced averaging mode: 3 readings average value within 10 minutes

  • Supplied with dual size comfort cuff for medium to large arms

  • Clinically validated

  • Bi-link tecnology