Omron C28

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Omron C28

The unique combination of the new OMRON CompAIR compressor with the Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.) nebuliser kit means that more of the aerosol is a respirable size and available to the patient to inhale. The V.V.T.’s unique design results in less parts that could be lost, less parts to clean, higher hygiene and easy maintenance. When not in use, the V.V.T. nebulizer kit can be fixed on the main compressor unit.The Comp Air is a medical device.

Omron V.V.T. Nebulizer kit

The valves in conventional nebulizers allow exhalation through mouthpiece. User can synchronize breathing with nebulization, hence reducing medication wastage. However, silicon valves are used in these nebulizers. Now with Omron's unique technology, Omron nebulizers offer benefits of valve function without silicon valves.

Advantage of no silicon valves:

1. safe and easy-to-clean nebulizer kit
2. child-safe, silicon valve could be easily bitten off and swallowed by the child, causing hazard
3. not easily blocked, reducing risk of any infection

  • Virtual Valve Technology (V.V.T.) nebuliser kit, for efficient delivery of medication whithout silicon valve
  • Compact design, lightweight
  • Water resistant case and switch
  • Easy to attach and detach tube connectors
  • High nebulization rate ensures optimized treatment duration
  • Leaves minimal residual medication
  • Hygienc - Easy to clean
  • Handy carrying case for portability
  • Convenient nebuliser kit holder
  • MMAD 3 µm
  • velocità 0,40 ml/min
  • pressione 0,9 bar
  • silenziosità 60 dB
  • utilizzo continuo

Nebulizzatore a compressione Omron Compair C28 Nebulizzatore a pistone per aerosolterapia Compatto e potente Adatto per un uso stagionale Silenzioso e facile da pulire Adatto ad un uso frequente Garantito 3 anni, con servizio di presa e riconsegna gratuiti al domicilio.