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Modular system for aerosol therapy

The NEBULA aerosol therapy device is intended for administering drugs in aerosol form.

The NEBULA has a series of smart features that make it very rapid and efficient in treating the lower airway and extremely valid for treating the upper airway and for nasal washing.

When used with the Mefar2000 nebuliser and spacer mouth-mask, the NEBULA® is effective in treating lower airway infections, such as bronchial asthma, chronic bronchitis, pulmonary emphysema and cystic fibrosis.

When used with the Rinowash, the NEBULAis indicated for treating disorders of the upper airway and for the physiological and/or therapeutic (with the addition of drugs) washing of the nasal cavities. The Rinowash delivers a jet of micronised solution into the nasal cavities, hydrating and fluidifying the mucus and catarrh, and draining out the fluid.

The administration of drugs in aerosol form requires a medical prescription specifying the type of drug, the dosage and the duration of treatment.

The Nebula aerosol therapy device and its accessories are designed and built in Italy in accordance with Legislative Decree no. 46/97 (enacting Directive 93/42 /EC on medical devices) and bears the CE mark.


  • Base unit and power cable, with a cable compartment, accessory compartment, ON/OFF switch, filter holder and filter, fuse holder and fuse, air intake for the connecting tube (1.6m) and a nebuliser support on the lid
  • Mefar2000 nebuliser, comprised of an upper body, pisper and lower body
  • Spacer mouth-mask, comprised of a mask and a fitting with a drain valve
  • Rinowash micronised nasal douche, comprised of a base with a button, a tube connector and a base cap
  • M/F tube
  • Two spare external air filters